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Who are we?

MBC is a team of resourceful, innovative and hardworking professionals committed to delivering innovative yet cost effective solutions and products on time and supporting these with the industry’s best after sales support

We like to work smart and we like to work hard

We like our customers to depend on us and we like to help them solve their problems

We are a company that will never leave our customers hanging or at the deep end

We are a company that will tell you sometimes thing will go wrong, but we will always come to with a solution and will always make things right

We are a company that stands behind what we say and what we do, that’s why we choose the things that we do carefully

We like for our customers to tell us what we can do better and where we need to improve

We are a company that wants to be held accountable to our stakeholders

We are a company that is never happy with where we are and are always looking to grow, improve and innovate