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                                            MBC’s Managed Print Solution (MPS)

MBC’s Managed Print Solution (MPS) is designed to help organizations reduce their printing costs, reduce the effort that IT and Office Management spends on printing, make printing more secure, yet transparent and to improve the service availability of the printing function to users in their organization.


How it works

Under MBC’s MPS service, we install multifunction devices (MFPs) that have been selected based on the specific needs of the particular department/floor/area of your company. These devices are selected to provide the lowest possible cost while ensuring that all the printing functions of the that particular work area are fully addressed. MBC selects these devices by analysing your current printing output and your current device layout. Once these MFPs are installed, MBC will install our print management tool that will be responsible for proactively monitoring the devices and their status. MBC will also install any of the optional security software options that are selected. Once the solution is implemented and tested, MBC will proactively monitor the devices and be responsible for ensuring their service availability and the on time replacement of consumables and any necessary parts.

MBC’s MPS Solution, achieves our overall objectives in the following ways:

Zero Initial Investment: Our MPS solution is a pure service, there is no need to purchase any devices to start the solution; MBC installs the optimum devices in the various locations your company based on our analysis of your printing needs and environment. Existing devices that MBC can support can be added on the agreement in a consumables and service only model to allow customers to leverage previous investments made.

Lower Per Page Costs: As our MPS solution is a 2 to 5 year agreement, our cost per page reflects deep discounts on consumables and consumable parts that are only available on long term MPS agreements.

Reduce Cost of Procurement and No Stock Outs: Under the MPS, MBC proactively changes out low toners at our contracted prices. There is no need to generate POs for individual toners and there is no chance of your organization running of toner which will affect printer service availability. Time that is spent in procuring and managing consumables (stock levels, toner/device compatibility) can now be spent on strategic projects.

Reduced Management Time on Devices: MBC proactively monitors the devices remotely for all conditions – low toner, low consumable parts (e.g. kits) and general errors. Once any of these errors occur, MBC techs are automatically dispatched to repair the problem (customer is only responsible for minor paper jams or user related problems). IT’s time is no longer spent on troubleshooting and vendor management, instead they can focus on strategic projects and objectives that add real value to your organization

Security and Document Accounting Capabilities: With various reporting options that are available, MBC can provide detailed information on the volumes printed by various users and/or departments with the objective of identifying the users who may abuse the devices and also allow for charge backs for more efficient cost accounting. MBC’s security solutions integrate into Active Directory and can ensure that documents are only printed when the user goes to the device and authenticates, reducing waste and preventing the leakage of confidential documents.

No Money in Spent on a Non Functioning Device: MBC’s solution is a pure service – if the device is down and the printing service is not available, there is no cost to the organization. There is no more wasting funds on paying for a device that may be down for an extended period of time such as under a lease agreement.

Transparency and Visibility

It is essential to MBC, that the volumes being printed by your organization are transparent and easily accessible. This ensures that there is 100% billing accuracy and it also allows both parties to review the fleet configuration to ensure that it is always optimally designed from a cost management perspective.
MBC will produce a monthly report that shows the volume printed on each device. We will also provide the supporting evidence from the print management tool. Our customers will have full access to the customer area on the portal for their verification and audit of the volumes being printed. If the detailed document accounting options are selected, then the customer will have access to more granular information on the users.

Next Steps:

The key to a good MPS solution is for the devices to be optimally configured based on the organization’s needs. As such, the first step in exploring an MPS solution is for MBC to analyse the current volumes being printed and to understand the functional layout of the different floors of your business in which the solution will be implemented. To do this, MBC needs to do a walkthrough of the various areas and install our non-invasive tool that collects print volumes only. This tool should be installed for a minimum of 4 weeks, however if there are peaks and troughs in your printing e.g. end of quarter volumes etc, then MBC recommends that we run this tool so as to capture those volumes so that the devices selected will be suited to your business.