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Lenovo unveils first ThinkPad for the Healthcare Market

The T490 Healthcare Edition, a specialized version intended for use in "nurses' stations, patient rooms, medical diagnostics and executive offices," according to a press release.

The T490 HE, Lenovo's first healthcare-oriented ThinkPad, uses slightly different components to integrate more easily to the existing infrastructure, including a FIPS-201 Fingerprint Reader produced by Crossmatch, and an RFID reader by RF IDeas, for interoperability with existing ID badge infrastructure. The ThinkShutter-a cover for the webcam introduced on the currently available generation of systems-is now able to cover the IR camera as well.

Lenovo also offers their screen-obscuring PrivacyGuard protection on the T490 HealthCare Edition, protecting screen contents from "shoulder surfers" attempting to look at the contents of your screen-particularly important due to the sensitive nature of electronic health records. PrivacyGuard is an integrated alternative to the aftermarket 3M Privacy Filter film used to darken screens when viewed from the side. Like other implementations, such as HP's SureView G3, it can be enabled and disabled using a button.

Overall, the T490 HE is likely a useful glimpse into what is coming to standard models of the T490. The T490 HE is touted as using "the latest" 8th Gen Intel Core processors, Dolby Audio Premium and Cat 9 LTE (LTE Advanced) WWAN, with a device weight of 3.41 pounds (1.55 kg) and "up to 16 hours battery life."

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