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PC as a Service

Do you want to upgrade your PCs and Laptops but would rather allocate your capex towards growing your core business?

Do you want to introduce mobile and other cutting edge technologies to improve your business efficiencies and customer experience but do not have the capital to right now?

Do you want to upgrade and add on new PCs, laptops and mobile devices but is the thought of deploying these new devices, setting them up for each user and backing up and migrating data a daunting?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, MBC’s PC as a Service (PCaaS) is the right solution for you!


What is it:

MBC’s PCaaS is a managed service combining your hardware, services and support costs into one fixed monthly operating expense (OpEx).


What is in it:

Did you know that the purchase price of a PC is actually only a fraction of the total cost of ownership of a PC device over its lifetime?

The TCO of PC ownership includes:

  • Planning and user assessments

  • Data Migration

  • Deployment

  • Updates

  • Patching

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Disposal


MBC’s PCaaS takes away the burden of managing these different activities, none of which are core to your business, and give you one fixed cost that includes:

  • Analysis of your users’ needs and matching of needs with specifications

  • Your New Devices with your optimal specifications

  • Custom Imaging and On Site Deployment

  • Backup and migration of user data

  • All break/fix support

  • Optional Remote monitoring and patching and updates support

  • Disposal of machine and Secure wiping of data and the end of the lifecycle


Why MBC’s PCaaS:

Single point of contact – no calling one person for break/fix, another to migrate your machines and another for support – MBC’s PCaaS allows you to spend your time on your core business, not managing vendors.

Single point of responsibility and accountability – no blame game between service providers – only MBC who will be responsible and accountable for all aspects of your PC requirements.

3 Year Refresh Cycle – Get new machines every 3 years allowing your business to keep up with the latest technology and provide your customers with cutting edge service without having to make large capital allocations.

Cash Flow Management – Invest your capital in things that generate revenue and grow your business, not PCs

Better use of IT resources – Let your IT persons (if you have them) focusing on technology that helps grow your business and improve your customer experience, not on managing and deploying PCs

All break/fix support backed by MBC’s Valet Support with Next Business Day Resolution standard SLA

Move to MBC’s PC as a Service Today!